Guesthouse and Leisure club Udon Thani

Guesthouse in Udon Thani : The Englishman’s Retreat

The Englishman’s Retreat is a small boutique guesthouse on the edge of Udon Thani, a vibrant city in the North East of Thailand, 600kms from Bangkok and a 1 hour flight to Udon’s International airport. One of the city’s main captions for tourists and expats is its close proximity to the Laos border across the Friendship bridge at Nong Khai, just 50kms north,

The guesthouse is only 10 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Udon Thani city centre, but far enough away to be considered a RETREAT. The whole feel of the guesthouse is very private, one guest actually said he felt he was staying in a private villa, referring to the way his accommodation opened on to the swimming pool terrace, and how he couldn’t hear the coming-and-going of other residents, like that of larger hotels.

The guesthouse has virtually everything you need at your fingertips, from the bar & restaurant to toiletries and Motorcycle Hire.

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The Pool side bar and restaurant serves food from 8am to 9pm and is said to offer the best value around in Udon Thani, serving up authentic Thai dishes from just 49bt, and with a good selection of Western foods many of them just 99bt. But don’t take our word for it, check out our customer comments and see what they are saying.

For those visiting Udon Thani for longer periods (maybe with family), please check out our Places of Interest page, you’ll see Udon Thani has a lot more to offer than just seedy bars.

The Retreat appeals more to couples looking for an escape from the mundane bar seen frequented my the usual sex tourist, and we are ideally situated for those wanting to see more of Thailand than just foreigner frequented bars.

We are actually closer to the Nong Prajak Park, a central beauty spot which marks the hub and heart of the city for most Thais, than the likes of Centara or Charoen hotels. Nong Prajak Park comes alive from 5pm with people making use of its separate cycle and running paths, aerobic classes, and young people just hanging out in the shades as the sun settles, it really is a beautiful scene. From 7pm the bars and restaurants that surround the Park start to fill up, almost any night of the week you will find a lively atmosphere with Thai people enjoying life; however this is sadly missed by most foreign visitors to Udon Thani, as they reach for the guide book and head for the nearest foreign run establishment, with their bar girls, bell ringing and lady-drinks. For so many they come with the intention of seeing the real Thailand but never do.

Fitness Center

The layout of the gym was designed long before it was built, ensuring a wide selection of equipment would fit into what is relatively a small area. The multi-gyms and weight stands have all been custom made to the owner’s specification, allowing optimum arrangement with incline/decline positions, and almost zero friction pulley machines.

ATTENTION Strictly no under 16s allowed to enter the gym

Are you flying into Udon-Thani?

Flying to Udon ThaniLet us take care of your transfer to the guesthouse. Tell us your flight number and time of arrival when booking your accomodation, and we’ll have have a member of staff to meet you at Udon’s International Airport.

If your stay is…
1 night we charge 200bt for this service
2 – 3 nights we charge just 100bt

4 nights or more the service is free.